"É curioso como não sei dizer quem sou. Quer dizer, sei-o bem, mas não posso dizer. Sobretudo tenho medo de dizer, porque no momento em que tento falar não só não exprimo o que sinto como o que sinto se transforma lentamente no que eu digo". Clarice Lispector


novembro 03, 2013

Clube da Luluzinha


Call your girlfriend and invite her over tonight.  When she gets there you can have her pick the wine and feel free to pour the glasses as you wait.  I want you to make sure by the time I get home that you are both warm and wet.  Have my whiskey poured and on the nightstand.  Attach the restraints to the bed.  Don’t waste my time with clothing, that should be on the floor and your tongue should be in her pussy as you hear my car come up the drive.  Going to fuck you both unconscious so make sure she plans to stay over.  Leaving work now!

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